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Good Karma Host was founded in 2008 by Dixie Vogel, proverbial “web designer turned host.”  A full-time designer and Internet consultant since January, 2000, Dixie is intimately familiar with the needs and challenges of hosting clients.

Through her years providing Internet-related services, she’s experienced firsthand the good, the bad, and the hideously ugly side of hosting! Building upon those experiences, Dixie aims not only to provide outstanding hosting services, but also information, advice and guidance needed to make the most of  their web presence.

What’s “Web Hosting with Free Warm Fuzzies?”

It’s more a philosophy than anything. The core concept behind Good Karma Host is simple: We can make the world a better place! Everything counts. Each of us is faced with a multitude of choices every day. If we consciously choose to make choices for the highest good of all concerned, then we will, indeed, make a positive net impact. We can choose to make responsible choices, to be kind to others, to be good citizens, and to give back to our communities, often without much more effort than required by  ignoring such larger concerns.

Making the world a better place: weird mission for a web host? Absolutely! But it’s a meaningful mission for Dixie, and therefore, an appropriate goal for her company.

Dixie’s Commitment

I promise to bear in mind the greater good in managing Good Karma Host, and strive to make decisions, small and large, consistent with the overall philosophy of being a “Good Karma Host.”
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What about you?

Can you help? What ways can you think of to make the world a little better? Contributions don’t have to be big to matter. A few dollars to a worthy cause, a few minutes building a child’s self-esteem, or a kind word to someone in need of one would all qualify… Do something good for someone today. A caring, giving nature is the essence of a true “good karma host,” and there are infinite ways to express this energy. Each expression counts. And thank you–for being a Good Karma host!