Dixie, in her natural habitat.Dixie Vogel – Founder/Goddess

Dixie Vogel is the founder of Good Karma Host LLC. Dixie is a pink-haired, new age hippie chick and die-hard do-gooder. She enjoys referring to herself as “an eccentric genius,” but brightly admits others may not agree. She’s also been known to answer to the moniker “Goddess,” usually with a big grin. Blame it on her Leo rising. She does.

After years working in the social services, Dixie became a freelance web consultant, spending more than a decade helping clients make informed decisions about their web presence. Combining her desire to make the world a little better place with her tech expertise, she founded Good Karma Host to assist a wider audience of folks interested in spreading their own light online. Dixie also does Tarot consultations and writes on Metaphysical topics at A Fool’s Journey.

Chip Vogel – Technical Director/Alpha Geek

Chip Vogel, Dixie’s husband, is the Alpha Geek around here, so don’t let him claim otherwise. He’s the one who lusted after the couple’s very first computer, when Dixie was busy wondering why on Earth somebody would pay hundreds of dollars for a machine to play games, for goodness sakes! But she didn’t argue, because she loves him.  He’s been working on computers in some fashion ever since.

Chip’s serves as GKH’s on-call PC technician, Research and Development Guru, and hardware adviser. Chip is also a Telephony Engineer, providing NBX and VOIP telephone system support for some of our Good Karma Hosts. He’s a good egg.

That’s it? Dixie & Chip?

Well, yeah. Sort of. In case you hadn’t noticed, Good Karma Host is a small company. We don’t try to excel at everything–a sure recipe for failure. Instead, we focus on what we are already very good at–providing solid technical support and knowledgeable advice–partnering with other companies who provide specialized services to bring you more of the best available. We research and evaluate options to bring only those we can feel good about recommending to our friends and can effectively support.

With this approach, we’re looking to bring you the best of both worlds: personal, small company attention with access to tools and resources you’d expect from a much larger company. As we grow, we are committed to maintaining the small company attitudes about  the importance of each client that have sustained the business ever since it started. YOU count here, and always will.

Find out more in the Good Karma Manifesto, or see what our clients say. If you like what you see, we’d be delighted to have you join the ranks of Good Karma Hosts.