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Why Good Karma Host?

With so many options, why choose Good Karma Host?

There are a kajillion and two webhosting companies out there happy to pocket your hosting dollars. Most provide usable hosting. Many have the features you need. A select few even have good support. But how many offer you all that AND Good Karma to go with your hosting?

  • Good Karma counts. Good Karma Host is built around a simple idea–what we do matters.In decisions large or small, we can individually and collectively choose to make a positive impact on our world. The company was borne directly from a desire to do more good and help more people. So a primary mission of Good Karma Host is to find ways to live up to the title of “Good Karma Host” by making a positive difference in the world and sharing our good karma with others.
  • It’s more than just hosting. You’ll find advice, resources and perspective to help you manage your online presence and make informed decisions. You’ll also find simple ideas for living a better life and generating more good karma of your own.
  • Good Karma Host is a small fry in the hosting world. There are advantages to working the little guy. It’s all about you! Your specific needs, goals and wishes are important, because you’re not just a number on a balance sheet. Every client matters.
  • Get “big company service” with “small company attitude.” Through selective outsourcing and partnerships with the big boys in the IT industry, you are enjoying the same hardware and network connectivity for your website as some of the biggest webhosts in existence, but still have access to one-0n-one attention. It’s the best of both worlds.
  • The Golden Rule is good karma. One of the first–and best–decisions Dixie Vogel (founder) made in her web consulting business was to treat her clients the way she’d want to be treated as a client herself. This has served the company well. Fairness, honesty and forthrightness are central to this philosophy that she brings with her to Good Karma Host.
  • It’s all about what you value. This is definitely not the hosting company for everyone.  As a small operation, Good Karma Host cannot provide the lowest hosting prices, for example. There are no volume discounts for the little guy!  But you do get individual attention and professional service. And you’re working with a company that has a goal of making the world a little better place, as well as encouraging others to do the same. If that’s something you want to be a part of, why not become a Good Karma Host yourself?

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