CloudFlare Security and Caching

CloudFlare Website Security Cache Free Service

ClouldFlare is a security and caching service for webmasters, brought to you by the folks that run the fine Project Honeypot to fight spammers. Once you join the CloudFlare network, inbound traffic is monitored to allow legitimate visitors, but block spambots and hackers. We’re proud to offer this service to our Good Karma Hosts.

On average,
Sites using CloudFlare

  • load 30% faster
  • use 60% less bandwidth
  • have 65% fewer requests
  • are far more secure
  • receive far less spam
  • all for FREE!

And even better, your participation helps others! CloudFlare community traffic is routed through an intelligent global network. Information on the bad guys is shared.  They automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages, and block threats. The result: CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and attacks.

Video Introduction to CloudFlare

Check out our Knowledgebase articles on CloudFlare, or go to their website to learn more. If you’d like to try CloudFlare for your site, let us know!