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When we offer a new service to Good Karma Hosts, we work hard to make that service is outstanding. We research, read reviews, compare, contrast, and test drive the leading providers. We value our clients’ trust tremendously, so we only offer and recommend services we feel good about using ourselves: solid, high-performing options, fairly priced.

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Good Karma Host is proud to offer email list management (and more) in partnership with Constant Contact. You get the latest tools at your disposal, managed and maintained by an industry leader, while still having access to the support, advice and helpfulness you’ve come to expect from Good Karma Host. (We’ve got a few PDFs you may be interested in, too.)

Why We Chose to Team up with Constant Contact

  • Extensive Help and Support Resources
  • Professionally Designed Templates for creating attractive, effective mailings
  • Easy-to-Use, for novice and experienced user alike
  • Automatically compliant with all Can-Spam Regulation–Sending unwanted email is crummy Karma, and can cost you…
  • Ability to Import and manage your existing lists without demanding your members resubscribe
  • Extras, like Email Surveys, Email Event Management, Email Newsletter Archives and more!
  • Code for integrating sign-up into you existing website
  • List Segmenting so you can send emails just to the folks you want to.
  • Tracking tools to help you understand how your emails are used and make your mailings more effective

Prices start at just $15/month with FREE trials, so you have plenty of time to test run the service and make sure you’re happy before laying out cash. Billing and management comes directly though Constant Contact (unless you’d like to combine the charges with your GKH billing–just ask)!

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