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Good Karma Manifesto

by Dixie

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I have certain core principles that guide my business decisions, and thought I’d share them. I’ve found through the years the closer I stick to them, the happier I am and the better everything works, in both my business and my life.

The Golden Rule is Golden

Customer service is pretty darned simple with the Golden RuleTreat your customers the way you’d want to be treated. Simple and powerful, this one little rule will keep your priorities straight.  And it applies just as well to interactions with colleagues, vendors, or anybody you come across throughout the day.

All Boats Rise

Public service matters. Giving back matters, in any form. What you put out unquestionably comes back to you–but even if it didn’t, you could still go to sleep feeling good at night! There is no high like the buzz that comes from feeling like you’ve made a positive difference in the world.

Helping others and supporting those who do the same is a big priority for me. I have no interest in working with anyone who does not share this philosophy.

Win-Win Wins

Win-win is the only sustainable business model. If it’s a good idea, it benefits everyone involved.  If not, I won’t touch it, regardless of how much money is on the table. Balance is key–symbiotic systems where everyone is better off for participation.

Directness Simplifies Life

I respect others enough to be honest and direct, and expect the same. Say what you mean and mean what you say! If an issue comes up, addressing it directly makes resolution much more likely and frees up energy quickly if resolution isn’t feasible. Integrity earns trust–and trust is the cornerstone of every relationship, business or personal.


I am profoundly grateful for the many gifts I have in my life. Recognizing and acknowledging all that others give is not only smart, but it’s right. It supports and honors the gift, and it brings more love to you at the same time. Plus it just feels so darned good!

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